Social Media

A lot of small business owners come up to me and ask, “Will you do my Facebook for me?” My answer is consistent every time. “You should do it yourself.” Social Media is exactly as it sounds, you need to be social. Who better to represent your business other than you? But some business owners are too busy or don’t have the technological savvy to be bothered with it. That’s where I come in.


I will sit down with you, analyze your competition’s social media presence, and create a plan on how to effectively begin a social media campaign. I can work with businesses that have no social media accounts to businesses that have too many to handle at once. The key is striking the balance of establishing a brand image, sounding intelligent in the industry you work in, and driving traffic to your website.


Below are some strategies that I offer my clients for social media. Of course, every package can be negotiated based on the needs of the individual client. Some of my clients are more suited to be using Google+, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. So whatever your social media needs are, I’m available to help. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you’d like to set up a Social Media consultation.


Our stages are named after Butterflies for many reasons. Our goal at Julie Katz Inc is to turn every business into a Social Butterfly!


Egg Stage
3 Tweets per day
1 Facebook Post a week
Monthly Analytics Report


This is perfect for a business who is just looking to get their feet wet in the world of social media. Usually this is a small business that has just built a website and is looking for a way to promote it, or a business that doesn’t have any social media profiles and are looking to create them. During this time we focus on building an audience. 


Larva Stage
3-5 Tweets Per day
3 Facebook Posts a week (Mon, Wed, Fri)
Monthly Analytics Report


This is perfect for a business who has social media profiles and is trying to increase their audience (i.e. get more likes or followers) and has between 30-50 likes on Facebook. During this time we focus on building an audience and creating a brand image. 


5-7 Tweets Per Day
1 Facebook Post per day (Monday thru Friday)
Weekly Analytics Report


This package is great for a small business that has more than 50+ followers on Facebook and is looking to start to interact with their audience more by establishing brand image, customer service and conversion rates. During this time we focus on increasing referral traffic from facebook to your website. 


Butterfly Stage
7-10 Tweets Per Day
2-3 Facebook Posts Per Day
Weekly Analytics Report


This is a great option for a larger business that already has a following (100+ followers) on social media sites but is unsure of how to interact with their audience. This will help with establishing brand image, customer service and conversion rates. During this time, we primarily focus on conversion rates from referral traffic. 



These become applicable when you have reached the Cocoon or Butterfly Stage.


Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform. Having images that are appealing and interesting help create brand awareness. Google is currently in love with Pinterest and values them highly in search results and google image search results. If you aren’t there, then you are missing an opportunity for referral traffic to your website.


Crimson Patch Package – One Monthly Seasonal Board with 15-25 pins A Week
Scarlet Peacock Package – One Monthly Seasonal Board with 25-35 pins A Week
Red-Striped Leafwing Package – Two to Three Boards per Month with 35-50 pins A Week
Red Lacewing Package – Unlimited Boards per Month with 50+ pins A Week


Google Plus is important to have because it’s Google! Setting up a business page will organically increase your rankings and help with Local Search results. Here content is key. Posting informative interesting content will help keep you visible to google and ultimately drive traffic to your website.


Blue Pansy Package – 1 Post on Google+ A Week
Blue Crow Package – 3 Posts on Google+ A Week (MWF)
Tropical Blue Wave Package – 5 posts on Google+ A Week (M thru F)
Blue Morpho Package – 2-3 Posts on Google+ per Day (M thru F)


Every company should have a nice clean LinkedIn page. Also, posting on LinkedIn can be beneficial in the right circumstance. If you are interested in having a presence on LinkedIn, we can work out a custom package that fits your needs.
Please keep in mind that every company is different and some of these plans may not be applicable to you. After my free consultation, we can chose from one of these plans or we can create your own to figure out the best method to increase your social media presence, build your brand image and drive traffic to your website!