Internet Marketing SEO

Some of the other services that Julie Katz Inc offers their clients include:

  • Web Development
  • Content Strategy
  • SEO
    • On-Site (Information Architecture)
    • Off-Site (Link Building)


If you are a business who doesn’t have a website, or is looking to improve¬†your website, call Julie Katz Inc for a free consultation for a web site audit. We can assess your website and give you recommendations on how to improve your overall rankings in Google and other search engines!


Julie Katz Inc is officially a partner with Efferent Media. If you want the best in SEO and Social Media, they are the top dog. If you are looking for a truly professional company who can make your business soar, then consider them. If you are a smaller business who can’t afford the typical pricing that comes from an agency, than I can help you. But I cannot accomplish nearly the amount as Efferent can. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to use the internet to their advantage. Also, since I work at Efferent, you know you will be getting the love and attention your website deserves because I will be handling your account while I am there. They also offer services that I cannot offer such as youtube optimization, local SEO, social media advertising and so much more.