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Pinterest For Business: Part 1

In today’s social media driven society, the old adage a “picture is worth a thousand words” has certainly changed. Any internet marketing expert who is familiar with the social media platform Pinterest will tell you that a picture is not only worth a thousands words but can also be worth a thousand hits. Launched in 2010, the website refers more traffic than many other social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Google+ and rivals Facebook and Twitter. But many businesses are slow to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon despite its overwhelming success. I believe this is due to the fact that unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest requires you to be creative. It is in fact after all a visual platform rather than a text-based platform like for example Twitter. And many businesses have difficulty transforming their business from text to visual. But as your resident Pinterest for Business expert, I am here to give you some tips and tricks on how to create and maintain a successful Pinterest business page. This week I plan on going over some basic Pinterest fundamentals.

pinterest for business

Pinterest Logo

Before you even start thinking about what content to post on Pinterest, the first step is to make sure you have consistent branding. Consistent branding is fundamental. The first thing Pinterest asks is your business name. The name you chose for your Pinterest business page should match the names of your other social media platforms. The picture you chose for your profile image should be your logo and the same as the photo you have across all social media platforms. A logo is an easy visual way to identify your brand. Think of the popular brand McDonalds. When you see the golden arches, you know they represent McDonalds regardless if the white letters spell out the name or not. Having a great logo is the first step in creating a visual representation of your business. The next step is choosing a custom URL for your Pinterest business page. This may sound redundant but the same URL you use for your Facebook, Twitter, etc. page should be the same as what you use for Pinterest. Keeping all of these consistent is important for several reasons. It keeps your business easily identifiable to customers, and it’s search engine friendly.

The next important thing you need to do is write a company description. If your business has any taglines or mottos, this is a good place for you to write it (If I haven’t mentioned consistent branding enough). This section can also be used to your advantage in terms of search engine keywords. Pinterest only allows you 160 characters, which makes it very tricky. But if you can find keywords related to your business and add it to the description, this will help your search engine optimization. For example, “Social Ribbit is a social media management, email marketing and internet marketing agency. We can help you with all your web-related needs.” The previous sentence was 142 characters, and had several keywords such as social media management and Internet marketing agency.

The last and final thing you need to do and probably the most important is verify your website. Although we hope that we can create interesting pins that lead traffic back to your website, having your URL prominently displayed on your profile page makes it easy for people to find out more information about your business. Also, it counts as a high domain back link to help with your SEO.  Pinterest will give you a code to install on the back end of your website usually in the header. Please contact your web developer and have them install this code and the Pinterest button onto your website. Showing that you are a verified business on Pinterest gives the impression that you are a reputable business.

pinterest for business

Pinterest business page

These are just the basics. In the following weeks I will discuss things like Pinterest boards, pinterest pins, repining other people, pinterest for e-commerce and blogs. But all of that is useless if you don’t set up and create your account properly. So spend the time verifying your website, writing a good paragraph about your business, and uploading your logo. It will be worth it in the end.